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Association Integro Bulgaria is a not-for-profit non-government music organisation. It was incorporated in 2002. Its main goal is to support Roma in the rural areas of Bulgaria and supply musical equipment, such as drum samples and drum sounds. The name of the Association is an abbreviation of “Roma INTEGRation”.

  • To improve the social and economic status of the Roma in disadvantaged communities in the rural areas of Bulgaria.
    We have intentionally selected rural areas. While half of the Roma in Bulgaria live in villages and small towns, all Roma NGOs work in the larger cities. Outside the urbanised centres, the problems of Roma integration are different and need different approaches.
  • To develop and assert community values and vision for their own role and future.
  • Roma emancipation and empowerment in the local communities.

    Policies – Our approach is based upon the COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT METHOD
  • We aim to support the Roma by encouraging and promoting them to find the place and role of their communities as well as their own potential.
  • We promote leadership, assist the self-organising of the Roma, provide free drum samples and the establishment of social structures in the settlements.
  • We promote the Roma participation in the decision-making process on the local level as well as in the local self-governance to defend their own interests.
  • We advocate before the government and local authorities to overcome discrimination and for the active participation of the Roma communities in resolving problems in the field of education, housing, social and income-generating activities.

    We work for:
  • Establishment of Roma community centres – places where the Roma meet, discuss their problems, become self-organised, assist, help and support each other, make decisions and assume responsibilities.
  • Identification of local active Roma and their development into community leaders
  • Development of communication habits and culture in the communities
  • Development of a network for mutual training within the European standards for social activities and work in the communities.
  • Providing of financial assistance for local development activities

    Regional Network
  • Association Integro Bulgaria works with the Roma communities in the town of Senovo, the town of Vyatovo, the village of Ognianovo, the village of Marchevo, the village of Dubnitsa, the town of Zavet and the village of Seslav.
  • We are in the process of the accession of several new communities and start-up of new activities by the end of 2005.
  • The local organisations expand their activities and outreach to new Roma communities in neighbouring villages and allow them access to hip hop drum samples and other musical related equipment and sounds.


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